14th February 2016

Hi everyone, this is Katrina from Katrina & The Waves

I was saddened to hear the news about Sir Terry Wogan – a lovely man and a great broadcaster and journalist who brought a new dimension to the Eurovision Song Contest. Who can forget his witty one-liners that kept us hanging on for more:

Be of good cheer we’re nearly half way through – it’s about this time I reach for the bottle. (2001)
Is it a subtle pageant of post-modern irony? Is it a monumental piece of kitsch? Is it just a load of old plasticene? Who cares. (2003)
Who knows what hellish future lies ahead? … Actually, I do. I’ve seen the rehearsals. – opening remark for the 2007 show in Finland.

His cheeky Irish wit brought us to love him and the competition.

Katrina with Terry Wogan ESC

I can’t believe it has been nearly 20 years since we won Eurovision back in 1997, it’s definitely time for another UK win in the competition! It’s always an honour to perform to such passionate crowds and it is a thrill to be doing it again at the UK National Final on Friday 26th February at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town in London. There are six acts who are competing for the chance to represent the UK at the Eurovision Final and the Great British public get to choose. So if you don’t manage to get a ticket then be sure to tune in to BBC4 for the Live Show and vote for a winner.

AND … I know Australia are the new kids on the block when it comes to Eurovision as this will be their second Contest so I’m doubly delighted to announce An Australian Tour in July 2016 – Totally 80s – with lots of other international 80s artists.

AND … For subscribers and all my peeps on Facebook and Twitter. I will also be offering a very special deal for you to get Metropoodle: The Funnest London Guide, Ever AND I said I’d never do it but … never turned out to be shorter than I thought, so I will be sharing with you one or two chapters from my new autobiography – ‘Rock n Roll Girl’.

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It was great to be out on tour in North America last year – here’s a photo of me with my New York City crew and thanks to everyone who came along.

Katrina Leskanich

Katrina Leskanich (photo: Sara Louise Petty)

We’ve also got some great shows lined up for 2016 and I hope to see you at one of the shows.


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