27th November 2014


I’m delighted to announce that my new album ‘Blisland’ has just been released. Here’s a PREVIEW of ‘Sun Coming Upper’.

I just returned to the UK after a month of touring with Retro Futura all across America. I was delighted to be asked to join the tour and loved every minute of it. The ensemble of 80s artists featured Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins, Howard Jones, Midge Ure and China Crisis. You don’t realise quite how big and beautiful The USA is until you have made that iconic journey from Chicago to LA by tour bus….. in two days! We saw plains and rains, winds and storms and temperatures that soared well over the 100s. I met people I went to school with in Germany, Holland and England, some I hadn’t seen for 40 years. I met the girl who sent me my first ever “fan mail” and she had my response letter back that she showed to me, all kind of little girl writing in cursive, full of hopes and dreams for the future, wide eyed innocence.

I was on a tour bus with Midge, the boys in China Crisis, the backing band and a tour manager. We were a full house and just as well we all got along. Food was what ever could be grabbed from a Loves Truck Stop or more often than not a Mc something or other for 6 am breakfast and a quick refuel. Hotels were few and far between and a shower became a luxury activity and a bed, well, a dream.

Of course everything is building to the evening show. As I was on first every night and about half the shows outdoors I would have a blinding sun to contend with and in Lincoln, California I was almost defeated by the 106F degree heat recorded on stage. Now I know I am meant to be Walking On Sunshine merrily all the live long day but really……it took a few Coronas after that show to rehydrate the Rock and Roll way.

It was an unforgettable experience. It was a wonderful opportunity to shake hands and chat with so many of you at the meet and greet. I hope those of you who were kind enough to buy my new cd Blisland have enjoyed it. It was great to be able to play a brand new song, Every Step, every night in the show. It was my first tour of North America in 25 years and I promise not to leave it so long next time. Thank you for an amazing Summer.

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